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Aligned Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Hexham Patients Say

At Aligned Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Extremely Friendly and Efficient

We have been looking for a chiropractor for some time. We have been very impressed with the first point of contact. The staff are extremely friendly and efficient and Belinda explains everything thoroughly and puts you at ease immediately. I feel extremely confident of a successful outcome.

˜ Zara B.

Lower Back and Neck Pain

Belinda has helped me become pain free. When I first went to see Belinda I had lower back pain and neck pain which was stopping me from sleeping. Belinda has been very professional all through my treatment keeping me informed on everything she was doing and giving me great advice to help keep me pain free. I would highly recommend Belinda to anyone who has lower back pains or neck pain.
˜ Leslie B.

Chiropractic for 3 Boys

After the progress and success that I had achieved with my own chiropractic care, I decided that it would be beneficial for my three young sons to start their own journey of Chiropractic care. The boys were used to the setting, staff and procedures due to the fact they accompanied me to my adjustments. They were used to hearing the table drop, cracks and pops from the adjustments and the strange noises that I sometimes make.I initially thought that nothing would be highlighted with the children, I was wrong.

My eldest son has always had a flat head and even though it was obvious and discussed many times with medical practitioners, I was told it was nothing to worry about. This may have been their opinion but after he started receiving his care his head gradually started to change shape and become more rounded. This didn’t just have an impact on him physically but also mentally and emotionally. He is doing so much better academically, physically and emotionally at school. His confidence has grown so much; he is like a different boy.

I can honestly say his chiropractic care has had an enormous positive impact on my son. Regarding my younger children, their plan of care concentrated on keeping their bodies aligned and dealing with any injuries that arise. The boys, like me, are now aware of when and where adjustments are needed. They know that adjustments may be uncomfortable at times, but they know that it will make them feel better and that is whole reasoning behind it.

˜ Robbie, CJ and Michael Thomas B.P.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

I first came across Aligned Chiropractic through reading Belinda’s articles in the Tyne Valley Express (a free magazine in my local area). Being newly married and considering starting a family in the next year or two, I kept her articles on pregnancy and children so that I could refer back to them. When I was near the end of my uneventful pregnancy, she wrote an article explaining that chiropractic care can be helpful in preparing the body for childbirth. My plan was to have a homebirth, using hypnotherapy, mindfulness and the least amount of pain relief I could manage. Therefore, I immediately booked an appointment to enhance an easier labour and also help with the aches and pains associated with the latter stages of pregnancy.

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When I met Belinda, I wasn’t disappointed. She is very knowledgeable around pregnancy and labour offering me articles to read so that I could make an informed choice about my birth plan. Furthermore, she gave me exercises to encourage the baby to be in the most optimal position for birth and ease the hip pain I was experiencing. From the start, she encouraged a family approach by asking my husband to a session as I would need his assistance in a couple of the exercises. In addition, we were both invited to a talk Belinda routinely offers on the benefits of chiropractic care to help her clients understand what it is.

I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy at home which I do think is partly because of the care I received from Belinda. Within a few days of giving birth, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my pelvis and made an appointment to see her straight away. If you are ever in pain, Belinda and her wonderful staff, Lucy and Louise will always try to give you an appointment as soon as possible, even if it means a lot of extra work for them.

Within a couple of weeks, I was able to walk again and was in considerable less pain. My son had an assessment after his birth and is now under Belinda’s care alongside my husband. We believe that chiropractic care is for life as we continually have to maintain healthy spinal function and rebalance the nervous system because of the daily stresses we experience. Therefore, we will make sacrifices elsewhere to ensure we can continue to receive the care.

˜ Kirsty C.

Recurring Back Injury

My mother has used Chiropractors for years and she currently uses Aligned Chiropractic. She suggested that I go for an assessment as I was suffering badly with a recurring back injury. At the time I was taking three different types of painkillers and seeing a physiotherapist none of this was helping and I was getting desperate.

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I was impressed with my first consultation, without my input my problem areas were easily identified. I was extremely impressed at how thorough the x-rays were. Once these had been assessed and discussed with me, I was overly pleased to finally have reasoning behind my many aliments. After these findings an action plan was discussed and agreed on. Through this discussion I was given the opportunity to understand my body and what actions/activities would help me and hinder me in everyday activities. This better understanding of my body’s limitations has been fundamental in my ongoing progress.

All of my expectations have been exceeded with Aligned Chiropractic. Not only am I predominantly painkiller free, which I did not expect, but my whole life has been altered by the use of Chiropractic care.

Everyone at the centre is friendly and inviting, you don’t feel like you are going for a service but to see friends and catch up, the adjustment is a bonus! I feel that I have a lot more knowledge of the core Chiropractic principles through the centres treatment, I know now what part of my body needs adjusting and why. This understanding has been rudimentary in my ongoing emotional and physical well being progress.

I would recommend everyone to try Chiropractic treatment especially if they have ongoing aches and pains. The new lease of life being pain free is an amazing feeling and I am now able to enjoy activities with my three young children who also receive Chiropractic care.

˜ Jemma B.

Skilled Therapist

My therapist is obviously very skilled and I have every confidence in her. What is particularly impressive is that she is alert to all health and well being matters and integrates them into her treatment. This approach is inspirational and helps me to see my health and well-being as a holistic thing, which is how it should be, and not departmentalized as by the NHS. Thank you.

˜Margaret V.

Back Pain for Years

I’ve had back issues on and off for years and had visited a couple of chiropractors in the past, really just to solve the immediate symptoms and stop the pain and discomfort. I had no real understanding of what was actually being done during the adjustments & any positive results that were achieved were pretty much short lived so I’d always find myself back where I started and would just live with it.

Years later, after a couple of quite bad periods where my back was feeling particularly vulnerable, I reluctantly decided maybe it was time to visit yet another chiropractor so “Googled” for someone in the local area and found Belinda and the Family Chiropractic website. Whilst reading through the info, I was really impressed by her holistic approach plus the technology that was available and after a very informative & professional conversation with her assistant Lucy, was actually looking forward to my first appointment.

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The initial assessment was amazing, Belinda took the time to explain what chiropractic really means and took me through a step by step guide on the impact that back issues have on the whole nervous system and therefore your whole well being. Very quickly pennies were beginning to drop on all the other issues I’d had for years but just lived with, headaches, digestive problems, sore throats to name but a few.

What filled me with most confidence is that Belinda didn’t just jump straight in with adjustments, she waited until she’d got the complete picture of the extent of my issues by using the scan & X ray results.

The difference between physically seeing what is going on underneath the surface rather than just imagining & supposing was a major eye opener for me and really showed me the impact that just living a “normal” life can have on something as important as your spine & nervous system. Taking more than just any one factor into account, I have had my own personal treatment plan customised for me with regular rescans and reviews which have tracked & showed me my progress throughout.

Belinda is totally committed to ensuring you understand what’s happening and why every step of the way and the passion she has for helping you achieve total wellbeing inside and out is something that I have never experienced before.

In the 8 months I’ve been having adjustments, I haven’t had one cold or sore throat & through acting in the advice that perhaps a Gluten free diet may help me, my digestion has improved immensely. Family Chiropractic’s approach is long term, incorporating far more than just temporarily fixing localised back pain, so for those who don’t believe that hope is a strategy and want some real results, I can’t recommend highly enough that you take the first step & get your first session booked because it really could change your life for the better in so many ways!

˜ Julie Miles, 45

Belinda Explains Everything

Chiropractic care was far from new to me when I first came to Belinda. My parents have had regular chiropractic adjustments for nearly 30 years and I have often visited their chiropractors myself although on a much less frequent basis. Despite being already convinced of the benefits of chiropractic care (my parents, both in their 70s are in excellent health) it wasn’t until I met Belinda that I was given the opportunity to fully understand how it all works. And it is only now that I realise such care needs to be frequent, it’s not just a one off ‘quick fix’. Unlike many practitioners Belinda takes the time to explain to you the link between spinal dysfunctions and the nervous system. Belinda’s thoroughness and whole approach to well being and care is truly commendable and without doubt essential to the healing process.

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I came to Belinda simply because I was feeling old, stiff and achy, probably in part due to my being in early menopause. I often had minor pain in my hip area and just felt I was ageing before my time. I wanted help from someone who looks at the whole picture, the complete body and this is exactly what Belinda does, offering advice on diet and exercise where necessary to complement her chiropractic adjustments. Being in early menopause is, at times, a psychological challenge but since seeing Belinda, and thanks to her honesty and frankness, I have been able to get back on track with positive thinking.

As I write, I have been seeing Belinda for over 3 months. After the initial consultation I was startled by how often and how long Belinda wanted to see me. I realised it was going to involve a considerable financial commitment and, as my husband was also going to be seeing Belinda, it was something we had to seriously discuss. The deciding factor was thinking about how we’d had to pay for 3 major pieces of work on our car in the space of a month. We didn’t question it. We need our car and if it needs fixing we pay for it. So why couldn’t we do the same with our health? Why did we hesitate when our own bodies so obviously needed ‘servicing’. That was the deciding factor. Since then chiropractic care has become a part of our lives.

After only a few adjustments I began to feel the effects of Belinda’s adjustments. I had a general feeling of well being and I noticeably felt stronger in my hip area. I continue to feel well and often after an adjustment I feel quite elated, almost as if I’ve been given a new lease of life! But I guess that’s what chiropractic does, releases the life we all have in us. Another area of weakness I have is in my right arm which has become considerably weak over the years. Belinda has told me this is going to take time and I realise that now. However, progress is being made and, together with exercises and physical activity recommended by Belinda, I feel confident that I will regain some of the lost strength. The patient-practitioner relationship has always been of paramount importance to me. I need to know what’s going on. I need to be able to ask questions and get answers. With Belinda this is exactly what you get. It’s not just a case of coming in for a weekly adjustment, Belinda is always willing to ‘take time out’ to offer advice or give suggestions, on dietary supplementation for example.

A little about my husband. Paolo has without a doubt felt the benefit of seeing Belinda in the past few months. He no longer has lower back pain (something he put up with on and off for at least 10 years) and he has noticed other general health improvements, for example improved digestion and bowel movements. He has taken Belinda’s advice and cycles more often but for shorter lengths of time rather than longer, less frequent rides, and he no longer suffers from neck pain. Our children, aged 9 and 11, have also been having adjustments from Belinda. They didn’t have any specific problems beforehand but they have both said they feel better after adjustments and they both certainly enjoy it. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that any parents reading this should get their babies or children along to see Belinda. I wish I’d known that chiropractic adjustments can help babies with colic – we suffered for a year with our second child!

If I could say one thing to any new patients reading this it would be to remain patient. There is no quick fix for anything and Belinda makes no such claims. If you come on board with Belinda you have made a positive life decision and I hope you get the health benefits that my family and I have had from regular adjustments. Unfortunately we will soon have to stop seeing Belinda as we will be returning home to Italy but I have already located a chiropractor who I hope will be able to continue Belinda’s work.

And last but certainly not least a brief mention for Lucy. What a great part of the practice she is! I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her help and constant patience in the making and changing of appointments. And the smile is always a winner! We shall all miss you both very much.

˜ Bridget Walker, 44

Hip, Back, & Leg Pain

Within the last 3 years I have had both hips replaced which in fairness were long overdue. As a result, I started with aches and pains in my lower back and down my right leg, especially in my ankle.

I attended physio but after a few weeks the physiotherapist told me there was nothing more she could do to help and kindly wrote to my GP explaining my position. My GP then referred me to see a specialist at Newcastle General Hospital however, in the meantime I was reading the Tyne Valley Express when I saw the advert for Family Chiropractic and decided to make a phone call and after some very good advice from Lucy on reception I made my first appointment.

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On meeting Dr. Belinda Ambrose (Chiropractor) who assessed me and asked why I had come here, I said I just wanted to feel better. She then went on to explain everything thoroughly, so I went ahead with the x-ray which is very important and justifies whether you can be treated or not.

The technology used in the clinic is superb, having never been to a chiropractor before, I had no idea what to expect. I am most impressed and after 6moths I feel 100% better. I have very few aches now and I am much brighter and fitter in myself.

I can certainly recommend the Chiropractic clinic and I think Dr Ambrose (Chiropractor) is totally professional in everything she does.

˜ Rita Haldane, 72

Referred by a Friend

A friend suggested I visit Family Chiropractic after they received care there. I had suffered with back pain for over 10 years and had received treatment from various sources, physiotherapists, osteopaths etc and had experience temporary relief but was never given a diagnosis as to why I was in pain in the first place. I had now reached the point where I could not walk or stand for longer than 20minutes without having to sit down and ‘rest my back.’

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My first appointment at Family Chiropractic was fantastic. Belinda explained the principles of Chiropractic Care and assured me that the cause of the problem and not just my symptoms would be addressed. After receiving a scan and x-rays, a leg length discrepancy which had resulted in imbalanced pressure being placed on one of my lower discs was found.

Since discovering the cause of the original problem I have visited a podiatrist who prescribed a small heel lift to pop into my show to level things up and I receive regular chiropractic care with Belinda. My life has changed completely; I now have virtually no back pain and am no longer restricted with walking or standing.

I am so grateful to Belinda and her team and cannot thank then enough for how much better I feel now when only a few months earlier I had given up hope that anything could be done.

I have since gone on to recommend chiropractic care to friends and family.

˜ Angela Nixon-Moore, 31

Shoulder and Leg Pain

For a number of years I had pains in my right shoulder and leg. The leg became worse and I having difficulty walking even with the aid of a stick. I had three months of physiotherapy at the hospital for the shoulder, at the end of which they concluded nothing could be done other than having an injection. This did provide short-term relief, but soon the pain returned. I also tried the Bowen technique for the shoulder and leg and acupuncture for the leg, but without any noticeable improvement.

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I was aware of chiropractic, but knew very little about what it involved. However, with some degree of scepticism, I decided to give it a try. I have been absolutely delighted with my progress – after a few visits to Family Chiropractic my walking was much improved and I could walk easily without aid, and now my walking is back to normal. Even more pleasing is the huge improvement in the movement of my right shoulder that had resisted all previous attempts to affect a cure.

After Elsie, my wife, saw the effect chiropractic had on me she also thought that she could benefit from it, in particular to ease her back pain. She too, has noticed a great improvement in her condition.

The staff at Family Chiropractic are always helpful and welcoming. Belinda is genuinely concerned with our general health, looking out for problems and offering advice. When we leave after treatment (sorry, adjustment!) we feel so much better not just physically but mentally also – it gives us a huge uplift in spirits.

We would thoroughly recommend Family Chiropractic and just wish it had been here earlier.

˜ Ron and Elsie Symonds, 74 and 73

Patient for Years

I have been with Family Chiropractic now for several years. An advert in Hexham Courant “Are you sick and tidy of being sick and tired” caught my eye and I replied. The best phone call I ever made.

I knew I had back problems, but it wasn’t until Belinda assessed me that I realised just how bad it was. Belinda is a total professional. A full spinal x-ray revealed curvature of the spine. When this was pointed out to me, the problems I’ve had in the past all made sense. The sessions or ‘Adjustments’ started. They were painfully slow to begin with. Nothing seemed to be any different. It took several months then slowly but surely the adjustments became easier. Even now I will have an off day and by the time of my appointment comes around (which I really look forward to) Belinda can work her magic on me. To start with it was very intense (3 times weekly) but now I am fortnightly (maintenance).

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Science and Biology were not my thing at school but Belinda has a knack of explaining things that you can remember and take note of. I have a much better knowledge of what a vertebrae dysfunction is now.

‘Family Chiropractic’ is just that. Everyone is on first name basis. This practice has really changed the way my life has proceeded in these past few years; I am much more aware of what I can / cannot put my body through. The ‘can’ bit being the positive.

I have mentioned Belinda to numerous people because I truly believe Belinda has made a difference to my life for the better.

Belinda, Charles and Lucy are Family Chiropractic.

˜ Terri Clark-Leggatt, 46



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