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Damage to Shoulder

Belinda was recommended to me after I had a fall which severely damaged my shoulder muscles. The initial assessment was quick and painless, very professional and I was put at ease by both Belinda and Lucy as to what would follow. Treatment commenced and after a very short time the pain subsided.

A year later, I still visit. I feel much more supple and energized as due to the technology used in diagnosing the whole you, many discomforts and restrictions I thought were just part of getting older have been greatly improved.

I personally cannot praise Belinda and Lucy enough for their professionalism, care and enthusiasm. I am so pleased I rang for that 1st appointment!

˜ Pauline Robson, 57

Neck and Back Pain

I have been receiving Chiropractic care for many years as I suffered with back and neck pain. I first heard about Family Chiropractic from a friend and came to see Belinda for ongoing care.

I found the initial assessment at Family Chiropractic extremely interesting, thought provoking and thorough. I had never been assessed in this manner and with systems I had never encountered before, and was impressed. As a result of my experience at Family Chiropractic I do feel that I have a better understanding of Chiropractic principles.

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In terms of my general health, my weekly visits to Family Chiropractic have made a huge difference to my life; I don’t seem to catch viruses so much, I feel generally better, and have less ‘aches and pains’. I look forward to each visit which is usually on Monday and I feel it sets me up for the week.

I have also discovered a number of natural health products as well as everyday wellness lifestyle practices, though Belinda, which I think have made a difference to my well being.

I would definitely refer others for Chiropractic at Family Chiropractic because the practice is very well run and I think Belinda is one of the best practitioners I have ever been to.

In a nutshell ‘Chiropractic makes the difference’.

˜ Elspeth Straker, 62

Plagiocephaly Infant

We were initially directed to a chiropractor when Sophie was around 4 months old by a specialist company in Leeds who dealt with Plagiocephaly and its treatments. They suggested having her checked for wry neck, which is commonly found alongside. After my first consultation with Belinda I was hugely encouraged that chiropractic methods could treat Sophie’s condition rather than using a cranial moulding helmet technique that we thought was the only treatment available.

Over the following months the improvement in Sophie’s symptoms was incredible. We continue to use Chiropractic adjustments because I find both my children benefit greatly from it in many ways as well as thoroughly enjoy coming here. I have, and will continue to highly recommend Family Chiropractic to friends and family, as I wonder what harsh treatment Sophie would have endured otherwise. I will forever be grateful to Belinda and Lucy for their help over the years.

˜ Sophie Sim, 3 (Written by her mum Laura)

Interesting and Informative

Having got to the stage when getting out of bed was a struggle not to mention trying to so my daily chores, a friend suggested I go to Belinda. I have over the years had treatment from a variety of Chiropractors and Osteopaths, mostly rather unsatisfactory quick fixes.

My initial consultation and assessment with Belinda was interesting and informative particularly on how chiropractic works, the practice had never been explained to me before. Her technology and professionalism is first class, though I was a bit rattled when she told me what a mess I was in!!

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My scan and x-ray results were dreadful, (if I’d been a horse I would have been put down) so I was very anxious about my first adjustment, as have also had some bad experiences, but to my amazement and relief there was a marked improvement in my mobility and general well being after the initial treatments, and I have never looked back. I still go for regular maintenance. We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Belinda’s calibre and expertise in Hexham, if it wasn’t for her I hate to think what state I’d be in now.

Lucy’s presence is of equal importance, and what a fantastic job she does, always helpful, tolerant and smiling however contrary the client is being!!

Sally’s husband Daniel –

I certainly endorse what Sally has said above. Having broken far too many bones in my body over the years I was fairly resigned to taking a back seat. However having been treated now for a year by Belinda I am not quite in the fast lane but not far off it!! It took much persuasion to get me to go to Belinda but thank goodness I did.

˜ Sally and Daniel Enderby. 63, 66

Back and Foot Problems

I first heard of Belinda from her husband Charles, whom I have known for thirty years or so. I had been suffering from stiffness, back pain and foot problems for many years, and the only thing I had found helpful up to that point had been deep tissue massage, although I had used a chiropractor for acute problems like frozen shoulder.

I have now been a regular client for about three years and have found that many problems have gradually eased – my bad back very rarely troubles me, my movement generally is much freer. I very rarely get headaches (which used to be frequent), my general health is improved. Chiropractic cannot reverse damage done by trauma and bad posture but it can certainly improve the quality of life and resultant attitude. It’s also very good on those occasions that you hurt yourself accidentally, such as falling on ice, or turning awkwardly etc.

I have recommended Belinda to many of my friends, without reservation.

˜ Anne Collier, 60

30 Years of Back Problems

I was recommended to Family Chiropractic by a family friend who has been coming for two years and was adamant that the treatment had given her greater mobility and confidence.

I had back problems for 30 years suffering serve spasms every 3-4 months lasting 1-2 weeks, however in early 2010 I began having them on a more regular basis, therefore in May 2011 on the above recommendation I arranged on appointment.

My impressions of the initial assessment and the technology used to make the easement were good and my expectations were raised that finally I could find a long term solution to my back problem to enable me to pursue fully my passion for hill walking as I got older.

The treatments I have received over the past 12months have given me greater mobility and flexibility and convinced me that Chiropractic needs to be a regular treatment which I fully endorse. I have attended a number of Nutrition 4 Life seminars hosted by Belinda, which were very informative and presented in an easy to understand and relate to format.

All aspects of the service I have received at Family Chiropractic have been excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

˜ Bill Law, 63

Improved Health

I have known about chiropractic for many years and my partner has benefited from chiropractic support.

I can’t remember how I heard about Family Chiropractic but I was looking for support to improve my health and arranged a consultation with Belinda. At the time of my first visit I was concerned about my posture and there were a number of joint problems that I wanted to try to resolve. I had been operated on for prolapsed discs about 6 years before and was waiting to have a heart bypass operation.

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My first visit was positive in that Belinda was very clear and direct about the potential advantages of Chiropractic. I, of course, remained to be convinced but I felt secure that I was taking the right actions with the right person. The technology involved in the assessment was both familiar and unfamiliar. The x-rays were commonplace but the equipment used to measure the balance in the spine was new to me. Even now I am unsure what exactly it is measuring.

I have been a regular, [twice a month], beneficiary of Family Chiropractic for more than 3 years and I am clear that the accumulated erosions in my wellbeing during my lifetime have been very positively affected by the adjustments I have received. When some new problem emerges it is adjusted for very quickly.

Probably the most significant improvement has been in my immune system. As someone who has experienced year round colds and sinusitis for most of my adult life I find that I am free of both of these. My experience of Family Chiropractic has been continuously positive. I expect to be listened to, adjusted to meet my bodies needs and to know and understand the care I am given. Belinda has worked hard to help me to understand the principles of chiropractic and this she has achieved.

I have a greater level of wellbeing that I would not have without Belinda’s support. I am in it for the long haul and I hope to continue to benefit from chiropractic care. I have recommended Family Chiropractic to colleagues and will do so again.

˜ Stuart, 62.

Very Helpful

I was greeted at the reception from two very helpful girls and were very helpful to sort out any paperwork I needed to fill out for my medical history prior to seeing the chiropractor.
My consultation with the chiropractor was very professionally done and made to feel relaxed this helped me to feel better as going to see someone you don’t know can be a little stressful. Looking forward to seeing you soon to find the way forward.
Thanks again!

˜ George L.



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